What Kind of Treatment Is Useful for Gum Infections?
What Kind of Treatment Is Useful for Gum Infections?

Gum infections can be difficult ailments to overcome without proper dental care. To keep such infections from spreading or developing into more serious oral issues, it is important to be able to identify gum infections and seek immediate help from a dental professional.

Here are some tips to help you identify a potential gum infection and the useful treatments that can remedy them and keep your smile looking as healthy as possible.

Gum Infection Symptoms

Infected gums should be treated immediately. The longer you hold off on treating a gum infection, the more severe your infection may turn out to be. If gone untreated for a certain amount of time, a gum infection can spread beneath your gum line and make its way into your jaw bone.

3 common symptoms of a gum infection can include:

  1. Bad Breath

    Oral bacteria that live in the mouth and cause gum disease can produce volatile sulfur compounds that contain a strong odor. Bad breath may also be the result of bacterial plaque that accumulates on your tongue.

  2. Receding gums

    Keep an eye on your gum line. If your teeth appear longer in length, then your gums may be receding due to gum infection.

  3. Sensitive Teeth

    If cold or hot drinks cause an unpleasant stinging sensation in your teeth, then you may have a gum infection that is exposing the dentin, the most sensitive part of your teeth.

4 Gum Infection Treatments

Shortly after noticing a gum infection, you should make an appointment to see a dentist as soon as possible. How bad your gum infection may be will depend on which treatment option is made available to you. Common treatment options include:

  1. Antibiotic Therapy

    Antibiotics may be given to you in the form of a pill or an injection on the infected area of the gums.

  2. Root Planning & Scaling Treatment

    The deep pockets that surround your teeth may require deep scaling and root planning to efficiently clean out the gum infection.

  3. Gingivectomy

    This gum infection treatment involves the removal of gum tissue.

  4. Flap Surgery

    This procedure involves bone or tissue grafts to eliminate bacterial gum infections.

Your Leesburg Gum Infection Solution

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