Common Myths About Teeth Whitening Debunked

Common Myths About Teeth Whitening Debunked

There are few things that make an individual more dazzling than a bright and beautiful smile, but white teeth can sometimes be difficult to achieve. And with all the different teeth whitening treatments available, it can be challenging to know which product will be the most effective. Here are some of the common myths about teeth whitening products and procedures and how you can get the whitest smile for your money.

Common Teeth Whitening Myths

Myth #1: Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Is Just as Good as Professional Treatments

When beginning the teeth whitening process, you may be tempted to reach for the over-the-counter solutions first. However, such products may only slightly whiten your teeth. Because over-the-counter teeth whitening products are cheaper and easier to obtain, their active ingredients are weaker than those administered by dentists. Therefore, they will only permeate the surface of the teeth, which will not give you the perfectly shiny, white smile you desire.

Myth #2: Teeth Whitening Can Damage Your Teeth

Another myth you may have heard is that teeth whitening can damage your teeth; however, this is untrue, at least when professionally administered by a registered dentist. While some over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments include ingredients that can make your teeth feel more sensitive to cold or hot food and drink, such discomfort should only be felt for a brief period after your treatment. If a teeth whitening treatment is constantly hurting your teeth, then you should stop it immediately and consult your dentist. That said, there is no evidence to suggest that professional teeth whitening treatments will permanently damage your teeth.

Myth #3: Teeth Whitening Can Worsen Cavity Pain

Teeth whitening is also thought to cause greater sensitivity for those who have cavities, but in such cases, the cavities are the problem, not the teeth whitening treatment. Therefore, if you have cavities, it is wise to have them filled before starting professional teeth whitening treatments.

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