Diagnostic/Digital X-rays

Sometimes, a standard dental exam won’t be enough to give your dentist the whole picture of what’s happening inside your mouth. When that happens, you will have digital X-rays taken to help Dr. Orobitg find potential issues that couldn’t be found otherwise.

Digital X-rays help dentists:

  • Create an all-encompassing treatment plan tailored to your mouth
  • Find cracks in existing fillings
  • Point out decay that is too hidden or too small to be picked up in a standard exam
  • Reveal decay occurring underneath an existing filling
  • Become aware of the possibility of bone infections, gum disease, or infected nerves
  • Get an accurate picture of your overall oral health
  • Identify the need for dental implants
  • Expose abnormalities that could require treatment such as cancer, cysts, or abscesses

Digital X-rays provide us with improved image quality to help us prevent serious conditions from developing or getting worse. They also reduce radiation exposure.

Benefits of digital X-rays include:

  • Improved image quality
  • Less Radiation
  • Quicker Treatment Time
  • Enhanced Progress Tracking
  • Digital Storage
  • Less Environmental Impact

Digital X-rays give Dr. Orobitg an unrivaled view into what’s going on with your oral health.