Comprehensive Oral Exams

A comprehensive oral exam entails a complete analysis of the mouth as it relates to the entire body, beginning with a review of your medical history, conditions and current medications, and a review and discussion of your smile. Dr. Eddie Orobitg makes sure to discuss your chief complaints and any areas of concern.

Comprehensive exams include:

  • Periodontal exam (gum and bones supporting the teeth)
  • Dental Exam (teeth)
  • Head and Neck Exam (soft tissues of the mouth, throat and surrounding structures)
  • Occlusal Exam (Bite analysis)
  • TMJ Exam (jaw joints)
  • Radiographic Exam (x-rays and various scans)
  • Salivary Function Exam (quantity and quality of saliva)
  • Esthetic Exam (appearance of teeth and gums related to the face)