The Truth About Fluoride

You may have heard the term fluoride used before but are unsure what it does for your dental care. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding fluoride facts and myths on the internet. To help you learn the truth about fluoride, here is some information about fluoride that will separate fact from fiction.

What Is Fluoride?

Before we dive into fluoride facts and myths, here are some quick facts about fluoride and its uses:

  • Fluoride is a mineral found in both food and water.
  • The use of fluoride hardens enamel to help strengthen and protect teeth.
  • Fluoride can strengthen bone density to a degree.
  • Fluoride is added to dental products, like toothpaste and mouthwash.
  • Fluoride is often added to public water sources and supplies.

7 Fluoride Facts and Myths

Now that we know what fluoride is let’s look at some of its common myths and the facts to disprove them.

  1. Myth: Fluoride is unnatural.

    Fact: Some levels of fluoride can be found naturally in water and other sources.
    Fact: Fluoridation of water increases the level of fluoride to one that helps decrease tooth decay.

  2. Myth: People who drink fluoridated water will develop fluorosis, a cosmetic condition that affects the teeth and causes changes in the appearance of tooth enamel.

    Fact: Fluoride levels in fluoridated water are low and safe. Fluorosis is uncommon and only occurs when a person takes in very high amounts of fluoride.

  3. Myth: Fluoride is dangerous for children.

    Fact: Fluoride is not considered dangerous to children when used as intended.
    Fact: Fluoridated water consumption helps strengthen teeth and can help prevent future tooth decay and loss.

  4. Myth: Fluoride creates a risk of autism.

    Fact: There is no evidence from research or studies that indicate the risk of autism is increased because of fluoride or fluoridated water.

  5. Myth: Drinking fluoridated water causes cancer.

    Fact: Various studies and research show the addition of fluoride does not increase the risk of cancer or other serious health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or kidney problems.
    Fact: Fluoridated water consumption is endorsed by the Institute of Medicine and the American Academy of Family Physicians as being safe.

  6. Myth: Fluoride is a medication forced on communities.

    Fact: U.S. Court decisions ruled that fluoride is a nutrient, not a medication.
    Fact: Fluoride used to fluoridate water is not a medicine.

  7. Myth: Fluoridated water is unnecessary due to the fluoride levels in toothpaste.

    Fact: According to the Centers for Disease Control, receiving water from a fluoridated source and following the instructions for brushing your teeth provides the right amount of fluoride needed to fight tooth decay.

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