Your Guide to Dentures

Your Guide to DenturesDentures are an inevitable part of the lives of many people; teeth tend to decay and fall out as you age, and dentures become necessary to chew, talk and maintain a normal lifestyle. The need for dentures, however, doesn’t just come out of nowhere. There are signs that dentures may be in your future, and it pays to be able to identify these signals and understand the different types of dentures available to you when the time comes.

Here is your complete guide to dentures!

2 Signs That You Need Dentures

1. Tooth Decay

The primary condition that brings on the need for dentures is tooth decay. When your teeth rot, the nerves die, and the tethers that hold them in your gums are rendered useless, resulting in tooth loss. When you lose teeth, your bite becomes ineffective, and your smile becomes less attractive. Dentures are among the most widely used and affordable solutions to these common problems.

2. Indigestion

Believe it or not, trouble digesting food is a warning sign that dentures may be in your future. Often when your teeth don’t work as well when chewing, you swallow larger quantities of food and have trouble digesting these abnormally large bites.

When it Comes to Dentures, You Have a Choice:

  1. Full Dentures- The most conventional dentures are glued to the top, bottom or both sides of your mouth. They are comprehensive for dental patients with no usable teeth in their mouth, necessitating an entire false smile.
  2. Partial Dentures- These are dentures meant only for certain areas of the mouth, where multiple teeth are missing and affecting the bite significantly.
  3. Implant-Supported Dentures- These are the most stable dentures available, as they clip or snap onto the jaw instead of relying on denture glue to hold them in place.

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