What Are the Pros and Cons of Having Dentures?

Tooth decay not only makes it harder to chew and digest food properly but can also lead to serious health complications like gum disease as well as debilitating effects on one’s self-confidence and esteem. However, thanks to dentures, those who have missing or decayed teeth can salvage their smile. While dentures can provide a better option over missing teeth, it is important to consider the pros and cons of having dentures before investing in them.

The Pros of Having Dentures

If dentures are made properly by a trained specialist, they can offer a wealth of benefits to both your physical and mental health while also being a convenient and cost-effective solution to tooth decay. In addition to being easily removable for a quick and thorough cleaning, dentures can provide the following benefits:

  • Elevated self-esteem due to a better overall appearance and more cohesive smile
  • Improved speech
  • Reduced facial sagging
  • Increased ability to eat and enjoy a variety of foods that require a strong bite and healthy teeth

Common Complaints With Dentures

The process of getting dentures involves multiple steps and procedures that require you to wear temporary dentures until your next appointment. The fitting process can often result in an uncomfortable soreness. Also, between creating molds, removing decayed teeth, and undergoing a fitting, a level of uncertainty may exist in knowing exactly how your dentures will look before your last appointment.

Alternatives to Dentures

Though looking at the pros and cons of having dentures can help you make a decision, there are also other options that may suit your needs better.

  • Dental implants – Long-lasting dental implants attach directly to the bone under your teeth but require the same amount of care as natural teeth to prevent staining.
  • Bridges – Using your existing healthy teeth to support a small bridge of teeth, bridges are great for one or two missing teeth, but cannot be used to solve extensive tooth decay as effectively as dentures.

While dentures will eventually require replacement as regular use will wear them down over time, deterioration likely won’t start for at least four years or more. In fact, compared to bridges and dental implants, the method of replacing dentures is not very complicated.

Consult With Your Local Leesburg Dentist to Determine Your Best Option

If you need a solution for your decaying or missing teeth, it’s best to discuss the possibilities and long-term investments with your local dentist. From bridges to dental implants, Dr. Eddie Orobitg has over 20 years of experience treating the Leesburg community with quality checkups and procedures. If you’re dealing with tooth decay and need professional dental services, you can count on Dr. Orobitg to handle all your tooth-related needs. To schedule your appointment, call 352-787-5919, today.