The Benefits of Protective Sealants

The Benefits of Protective Sealants

Sealants are nothing new to the dental industry, but advances have made them an essential choice for many patients. Whether you’re a parent weighing their options about childhood dental hygiene or an adult searching for added protection from daily irritants, this method is redefining prevention. Consider these benefits that turned protective sealants into a solution anyone can appreciate.

Easy To Maintain

In the past, standard care between dental checkups consisted of brushing and flossing. The thought of adding another step to that care regimen left many patients feeling a sense of dread. Protective sealants offer that added level of care without the worries about maintenance. Once applied, the coating lasts for years and requires no day-to-day care.

Reduces Dental Care Costs

Cavities alone can become a costly proposition for anyone. When it comes to more complicated procedures like crowns, bills can be overwhelming. That’s why protective sealants are the best value out there. Simply having them protects enamel from dangerous conditions that lead to the pain and expense of major dental procedures.


It doesn’t get any better than a pain-free dental procedure. Protective sealants are easy to apply and feature no intrusive techniques. Only a mild solution is used to prepare enamel for better cohesion. The liquid or gel used in this first step of the process does not feature an irritating odor and never interferes with sensitive nerves.

Protective sealants are one of the best choices a patient can make. In addition to being an easy to apply preventative option, the procedure may also stop serious health issues later on. It’s never too late to try this exciting approach to dental care. Call Dr. Orobitg at (352)787-5919 today to schedule an appointment.