Glossary of Terms

Source: American Dental Association

Dr. Orobitg wants you to understand the terms associated with your dental health. Education is very important to us, and we encourage you to ask questions about anything involved in your dental care you might not understand.


The excision or removal of gingiva.


Inflammation of gingival tissue without loss of connective tissue.


Surgical procedure to reshape gingiva.


A piece of tissue or alloplastic material placed in contact with tissue to repair a defect or supplement a deficiency.

Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)

A technique of excluding certain tissue during surgical healing so other desired tissues may have time to form.

Gum Recession

The exposure of the root of a tooth due to movement of the gum, generally resulting from abrasion, periodontal disease or surgery.


Bad breath.

Imaging, Diagnostic

This would include, but is not limited to, CAT scans, MRIs, photographs, radiographs, etc.

Immediate Denture

Prosthesis constructed for placement immediately after removal of remaining natural teeth.

Impacted Tooth

An unerupted or partially erupted tooth that is positioned against another tooth, bone, or soft tissue so that complete eruption is unlikely.


Material inserted or grafted into tissue.

Dental Implant

A device specially designed to be placed surgically within or on the mandibular or maxillary bone as a means of providing for dental replacement.

Implantation, Tooth

Placement of an artificial or natural tooth into an alveolus.


A mold made of the teeth and soft tissues from which models are made.

Incision and Drainage

The surgical incision of an abscess to drain suppuration (pus).


The upper and lower four front teeth, which include the central and laterals.


An indirect intracoronal restoration; a dental restoration made outside of the oral cavity to correspond to the form of the prepared cavity, which is then cemented into the tooth.


Between the teeth.


Inside the mouth.

Intravenous Sedation

Medications used intravenously (through the bloodstream) to produce varying levels of sedation.


A common name for either the maxilla or the mandible.


Pertaining to or around the lip.


An injury or wound; area of diseased tissue.


Pertaining to or around the tongue; surface of the tooth directed toward the tongue; opposite of facial.

Local Anesthesia

A partial or complete elimination of pain sensation in a specific area, commonly referred to as "Novocaine."

Maintenance, Periodontal

Therapy for preserving the state of health of the periodontium.


Having the properties of dysplasia, invasion, and metastasis.


Improper alignment of biting or chewing surfaces of upper and lower teeth.


The lower jaw.

Maryland Bridge

A type of fixed partial denture not requiring crowns. The prosthesis is bonded to the natural teeth to secure it.


The chewing of food.

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