What Should I Look for When Choosing a Dentist?

So how do you find the right dentist?

Finding a dentist you trust begins with finding someone who makes you feel comfortable during every visit. After all, you’re going to be long-term partners not just in your oral health, since studies have shown the health of your teeth and gums directly impacts your overall health.

So consider some of these when selecting your dentist:

  • Where was the dentist educated and trained?
  • What's the dentist's approach to preventive dentistry?
  • How often does the dentist attend conferences and continuing education workshops?
  • Is the dental staff helpful and willing to answer your questions?
  • Does the office appear to be clean, neat, and orderly? Do all surfaces and equipment in the treatment room appear clean?
  • Do you observe the dentist and staff wearing gloves and other protective gear during actual patient treatment?
  • Is the office easy to get to from work or home?
  • What are the office hours? Are they convenient for your schedule?
  • What is the dentist's office policy on missed appointments?
  • What arrangements are made for emergencies outside of office hours? (Will a colleague cover emergencies if he or she is not available?)
  • What type of anesthesia is the dentist certified to administer?
  • Is information provided about all fees and payment plans before treatment is scheduled?
  • Does the dentist participate in your dental health plan?
  • Is he or she interested in other conditions or health concerns you may have?
  • Does he or she have the training and/or experience to treat the dental health needs of patients with your specific condition.
  • If appropriate, ask if the dental facility is accessible to the disabled.

Dr. Eddie Orobitg and his staff excel at providing exceptional care to patients in Leesburg, The Villages, and throughout Lake and Sumter counties. New patients are welcome. Find out why patients agree Dr. Orobitg is the best dentist in Leesburg. Give us a call at 352.787.5919.

Things to Consider to Find The Right Dentist for You

Finding a new healthcare provider in any field of the industry is difficult, but dentistry has the potential to be particularly tricky. You’re going to be seeing this person twice a year, and trusting them to perform x-rays, diagnose oral and facial health conditions, and trust them to refer you to oral surgeons if you should need it.

As an adult, it’s important to find a dentist you can trust and who makes you feel comfortable during every visit. Here are some things to consider when searching for a new dentist:

Is the Dentist in Your Insurance Network?

If you have dental coverage, the first thing you should do is make sure the dentist you’re looking at participates in your plan. You don’t want to be paying out-of-pocket for a service you use often.

Does Their Office Make Fees and Procedures Clear?

Communication is important in all health fields, and it’s no different in a potential new dental practice. Ask around to other customers; does the practice make procedures, operations, and charges understood or do they simply just pass them along?

Have You Received Referrals for this Dentist?

Do you have friends who use the same dental provider? Are they satisfied with the dentist? Word-of-mouth is your best friend when looking for a dentist who’s right for you.

Is the Practice Clean and Comfortable?

Dental practices, like all health facilities, can be hotbeds for bacteria and in turn, infection. Make sure the practice is a place where you can relax and not have to worry about your risk of disease.

The Right Dentist

At Leesburg Family Dental, Dr. Eddie Orobitg makes his patients feel at home, safe and comfortable while offering top-notch dental care. To find out more about the exemplary record of Dr. Orobitg and the rest of the Leesburg office, call us today at (352) 787-5919.

Your Guide to Dentures

Dentures are an inevitable part of the lives of many people; teeth tend to decay and fall out as you age, and dentures become necessary to chew, talk and maintain a normal lifestyle. The need for dentures, however, doesn’t just come out of nowhere. There are signs that dentures may be in your future, and it pays to be able to identify these signals and understand the different types of dentures available to you when the time comes.

Here is your complete guide to dentures!

2 Signs That You Need Dentures

  1. Tooth Decay- The primary condition that brings on the need for dentures is tooth decay. When your teeth rot, the nerves die, and the tethers that hold them in your gums are rendered useless, resulting in tooth loss. When you lose teeth, your bite becomes ineffective, and your smile becomes less attractive. Dentures are among the most widely used and affordable solutions to these common problems.
  2. Indigestion- Believe it or not, trouble digesting food is a warning sign that dentures may be in your future. Often when your teeth don’t work as well when chewing, you swallow larger quantities of food and have trouble digesting these abnormally large bites.

When it Comes to Dentures, You Have a Choice:

  1. Full Dentures- The most conventional dentures are glued to the top, bottom or both sides of your mouth. They are comprehensive for dental patients with no usable teeth in their mouth, necessitating an entire false smile.
  2. Partial Dentures- These are dentures meant only for certain areas of the mouth, where multiple teeth are missing and affecting the bite significantly.
  3. Implant-Supported Dentures- These are the most stable dentures available, as they clip or snap onto the jaw instead of relying on denture glue to hold them in place.

For more information on whether you need dentures, and what variety is right for you, contact the dental experts at Orobitg in Leesburg, Florida. We’ll work with you and your mouth to find the best solution to your denture needs. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 352.787.5919

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Many people are self-conscious about their smile. One of the biggest issues we worry about is the color of our teeth and how they appear in photographs or in-person. There are two main factors impacting the color of your natural teeth:

  • Light hitting the top layer of the teeth, called the enamel
  • The color of the under-layer of the teeth called the dentin

Your genetics dictate how your teeth start off looking, but your oral hygiene and eating and drinking habits affect your teeth far more throughout the span of your life. As enamel thins over time, the dentin begins to show through, giving teeth a slightly gray or bone-colored appearance.

Teeth Whitening Benefits

Besides leaving you with a brilliantly bright smile, teeth whitening can perform additional magic in your life, such as:

  • Increased confidence
  • More smiles—you’re going to want to show off those pearly whites!
  • A more youthful appearance

Five Signs It's Time for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening isn’t for everyone, and it’s not always a necessity. Below are a few signs you should speak to a dentist about teeth whitening:

  1. Tobacco use is causing teeth to yellow prematurely, or more than your peers of the same age.
  2. Drinking dark-colored liquids such as coffee, cola, tea and red wine has created stains that you cannot address with at-home remedies or your regular dental cleanings.
  3. You have neglected oral health for a while, but are ready to get back on the wagon.
  4. Your teeth are becoming less bright—maybe even darkening—naturally, due to age.
  5. Someone close to you mentions they notice a difference in your teeth.

Call us today at 352.787.5919 to learn more about our painless Opalescence Teeth Whitening and other whitening services to treat discolored teeth. After a thorough examination, Dr. Orobitg will help you find the whitening product or technique that's best for you, which is especially important if you have or are considering crowns and veneers. Dr. Orobitg Dentistry offers teeth whitening services in our Leesburg office, as well as take-home systems if you are more comfortable using the product at home.

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